Science & Tech

What exactly are words?

Words are the building blocks of language, and as such, they carry a lot of weight. They can be symbols that stand for actual objects in the world, they can be the building blocks of thoughts and ideas, or they can simply be sounds that we use to communicate with one another. In this article, […]


Controversy over the debt ceiling

Congressional Republicans and Democrats have been in a heated battle over the debt ceiling for days now, with neither side willing to budge on their demands. However, some experts believe that the debt ceiling could lead to a global financial meltdown. What’s your opinion on this issue? Background of the debt ceiling Debt ceiling: The […]


Rfid and Festival Technology

RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology is a growing trend in festival tech these days. RFID tags are small devices that can be attached to merchandise or attendees, and when scanned by an RFID reader, the tag will transmit data about its contents. This data can includeinformation about the product’s barcode, brand, and even details about the […]