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A Brief History of the TOI

The Times of India (TOI) is one of the oldest newspapers in the country and is also one of the most popular. The newspaper was founded in 1829 by John Thomas Taylor and began publication as the Bombay Times. In 1843, Taylor sold the paper to businessman Sir Edward Lawrence who renamed it the Times of India. The paper became a part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in 1987.

How Does TOI Work?

TOI is a website that is run by the Times of India Group. It was founded in 1838 and is one of the oldest newspapers in India. TOI has a website that provides news, information, and entertainment to its readers. The website has a blog section that provides posts about various topics.

TOI’s Innovation & Adoption

TOI is a cutting-edge media company that understands the importance of innovation. We believe that by providing our readers with fresh and innovative content, we can continue to hold our ground against our competition.

We’ve always been at the forefront of technological advances, and we refuse to stop now. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to engage our readers and keep them coming back for more.

Earlier this year, we introduced a new feature called “Innovation Matters”. This section features exclusive stories on some of the most innovative products and services in the country.

We hope this section will help to keep you informed on the latest trends and developments in the industry, and give you ideas on what you can do to stay ahead of the curve. Keep an eye out for future installments, and be sure to let us know what you think!

TOI in the News

Twitterati reacts to TOI’s exclusive report on demonetisation drive

The Times of India (TOI) has made a splash by revealing exclusive details about the Reserve Bank of India’s demonetisation drive. The reaction on Twitter was mixed, with some praising the newspaper for its thorough reporting, while others lambasted it for “sensationalism”. Here’s a roundup of some of the reactions:

1. “@the_hindu @TOIMedianTimes Exclusive scoop – well done! Thank you.” – Raghav Rajan (@RaghavRajan1)
2. “This is sensationalism at its worst! Shameful journalism from Times of India” – Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor)
3. “@TOIMedianTimes This is not investigative journalism, it’s sensationalism. Shameful.” – Ramesh Ponnuru (@RameshPonnuru)
4. “@TOIMedianTimes So much for journalistic integrity. Your exclusive report on demonetisation is full of false claims and sensationalism.” – Divya Jain (@divyajain)

TOI’s Future

The internet is an amazing tool that has changed the way we live and work. It has also allowed people from all over the world to connect and share ideas. However, the internet is not without its risks. Many people are using the internet to spread harmful content, which can have serious consequences for both individuals and society as a whole.

TOI’s Future

We at TOI are constantly exploring ways to harness the power of the internet to make our journalism more impactful and accountable. We believe that technology can play a key role in empowering our journalists to do their jobs better and to hold government accountable.

One way we are doing this is by using new technology to reach more readers. We are also working on developing new ways to engage with our readers and make them part of our community. We hope these efforts will help us continue to provide valuable information and insights to our readers for years to come.


Toi is a new, innovative way to consume news and information online. It’s like a personalized magazine that you can read on your desktop or phone. Toi offers an amazing variety of content, from lifestyle pieces to in-depth features on topics you’re passionate about. If you’re looking for an interesting and engaging way to stay up-to-date with the latest headlines, then Toi is definitely worth checking out!

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